Tiny 3

Concept/choreography: Francesco Scavetta
Created in collaboration with: R. Heine Avdal, Mette Edvardsen, Gry Kipperberg, Yukiko Shinozaki, Kristina Øren
Original music by: Nils Petter Molvaer, Reidar Skår
Set design / costumes: Kathrine Tolo
Light design: Jean Vincent Kerebel
Sound: Morten Pettersen
Assistant choreographer: Anna Paola Bacalov
Photo: Johan Wildhagen, Bjørn-Eivind Artun
Organisation: Cathe Sjöblom
Production: Wee – Scavetta / Kipperberg

The show is supported by: the Norwegian Cultural Council, the Norwegian Composer’s Foundation and the Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo.

A special thanks to the collaboration with Fernanda Pessolano, Emanuela Sforza, Lene Kaarem and Setsuko Watanabe.

Multiple cosmogonies agree on one fact: in the beginning there was nothing.
“And God created a garden.”
The garden is a beginning for us.

Tiny 3 Tiny light1 Tiny light1

“If we cannot imagine that time is infinite, yet we can neither imagine that had begun at a given time, because, if we imagine a moment in which the time started, that instant presupposes a previous one, and so on, ad infinitum.”

The garden has often been identified with an ideal, original “cosmos”: since ancient times men have tried to recreate this legendary Paradise Lost.
The garden is the representation of nature, wanted by man, bent to the capricious demands of art, made art itself, a work of art no longer divine, but human.
Recreating a garden indoor, in a theatre, makes it an unreal space, adding another level of artificiality to that already possessed by the garden itself.

In this sense, this is in line with my search for a feeling a bit ’disturbing recognition and doubt, which applies to the whole show, and I simplify the phrase: “Been there, have not yet seen.” A little twist of meaning.
This garden helps me to find an “elsewhere”, a utopian place where imagination and bring our being in the scene as we are and all that, make a story.
Telling a story mean to found a world that was not there before. If you stop to tell the world that there will be more.

The show was presented in the form of study at the International Festival of Inteatro Polverigi, in the Junge Hunde, and the Mediterranean Festival Dance Salerno.
Subsequently, he made his debut in Norway, selected as the Entertainment of the Month, the 10.12.99 at Black Box Teater (Oslo).