Faint 1

Choreography: Francesco Scavetta
Dancers: Gry Kipperberg and Francesco Scavetta
Music composed and played live by: Jon Balke
Stage design and video: Tone Myskja
Light design: Jean Vincent Kerebel
Costume design: Antii Bjørn, Fernanda Pessolano
Production: Wee – Scavetta/Kipperberg
with the support of: Norwegian Cultural Council, UD/Norwegian Foreign Affairs, Fond for utøvende Kunstnere.

A special thanks to: Knut Holst and Rytterpolitiet, Cathe Sjøblom and Camilla Gravdal

“When she’s here she’s far away, when she’s back she’s gone”

It was perhaps a need for intimacy that led me to work on a duo, to tell a little story of epiphany and
metamorphosis, of humour and fragility and of dance which is as acrobatic as a caress. A hand drawing cyclones in the air, eyes closed and thinking nothing but of acting like a phenomenon.

Faint 1 Faint 2

Physical and emotional dance, fluid and, in a certain sense, holding a fascination for the circular and its
representation of a process with no finite end.
Appearing and reappearing, again turning, to find ourselves close and not different, not having changed, or rather,
continuously changing.
The natural, intense and creative collaboration with Jon Balke, who composed the music he also performs live, resulted in the evolution of the choreography and music composition at the same pace, the two becoming
intimately entwined.

Moreover, Jon’s presence on the stage has changed the “duo” form into something quite different…

Gurov beckons and calls the little dog and when it approaches him, he threatens it with his finger. The little dog snarls. The lady, witnessing the scene , blushes and says,“it doesn’t bite”, at which point Gurov asks permission to give the little animal a bone. The courting begins and thus does the story.
( from Cechov’s “The lady and the little dog”)

In the end, it all boils down to finding the bones, the beginnings…