Concept, choreography and scenography: Francesco Scavetta
Created in collaboration with dancers: Anna Paola Bacalov, Sissel M. Bjørkli, Sigrid Edvardsson, Gry Kipperberg,
Original music: Jon Balke
Sound engineer: Anders Aasebøe
Video: Tone Myskja, Jan Razman, Francesco Scavetta
Live video editing: Jan Razman
Light design: Stefano Stacchini
Light technician: Stefan Dombek
Costumes: Birgitte Lie
Objects: Johannes Dimpflmeier
Production leader: Annalisa Dal Prà
Producer: Gry Kipperberg
Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council, Fond for lyd og bilde, Norsk Komponistfond, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Norwegian Foreign Affairs
Co-produced by: ENZIMI/Zone Attive (Roma), Teatro Comunale di Cagli (PU)

“Z” completes, in a sort of trilogy, an investigation on vision and illusion, daily and unreal, artificiality and distortion, started with performance “A sudden, unexpected faint” (2000) and continued with “Live*” (2002).

The three performances created, change radically in format and aesthetic form, but all take place in a visual and acoustic environment where reality and its electronic/virtual reproduction, are never well outlined, but interact with each other, in complex and ever varied relations.

The use of the video, in tight dialog with music originally composed, has been central elements of the three works.

Topogigio.tif Sigrid 2 Sissel Lensgry Zsigrid Z24 Z1 Z5

“Hole”’s theme has been the starting point of “Z”, the hint for moving our emotional and physical associations.

We are usually orientated to perceive reality by solid things, objects. The holes push us to look at reality in the sense of transparency and absence. To look throughout the holes is a metaphor of a radical change of prospective.

“Z” is a child room, as an urban suburb, as a sitcom set, unreal.