Concept, choreography, dance and stage design: Wee/Francesco Scavetta (NO) & Sanna Myllylahti (FI)
Sound design and live electronics: Antonino Chiaramonte Light design: Stefano Stacchini. Costumes: Gjøril Bjercke Sæther Stage design realized by: Jonne Kemppainen
Photos: Wee, Laura Kauppinen Production: Gry Kipperberg Produced by: Wee, No Budget With the support of: Arts Council Norway, Fund for Performing Artists
co-produced by: Dansens Hus – Dance House Norway, Full Moon Festival (FI), ZODIAK – Center for New Dance (FI)
in collaboration with: ROUTA CO (FI), G-VOIMA (FI), STUDIO DOCK /Amsterdam (NL), Helsinki City Theatre (FI)

Based on questions about truth and lies in the context of performing art, the piece takes place in a world where the artificial aims to be real and the reality seems weirdly unnatural. Lying might be considered one of the icons of the human condition. We start lying very early in our childhood, even before having the ability to comprehend whether a statement is believable or not. One recent study found that most people lie once or twice a day, and over the course of a week deceive about 30 of the people they interact with personally. One might end up drawing a conclusion that one cannot be absolutely sure about anything, except what one chooses to believe in.

We are wondering. Is art just a question of belief?

Sanna Me perfect Francesco perfect detail Sanna s legs Hanging from legs Sanna perfect Me funkperfect Sanna beginning Bottles funk Party Funk mic

Acting, adulteration, affectation, alteration, artful negotiating, artifice, assumed, baloney, bear false witness, bend, blarney, bluff, bogus, bull, bunk, camouflage, cheat, circumvent, coloring, confabulation, cook, counterfeit, deceiving, deception, delude, deviate, disguise, dissemblance, distortion, doctor, double-dealing, doubleminded, dress up, dupe,embellish, embroider,ensnarement, entanglement, equivocate, exaggeration, facade, factitious, fable, fabricate, fabulous, fake, fallacy, falseheartedness, falsehood, falsification, feigned, feint, fictionalize, figment, forgery, fraud, fudge, furtiveness, gaming ethics, gloss, guile, half-truth, hatch, hoax, hokum, hoodwink, hyperbole, hypocrisy, insidiousness, insincerity,invention, imitation, kid, lead astray, lip-service, load, magnification, make-believe, make up, manipulate, manufacture, masquerade, mince, misconstruction, misdirection, misguidance, mislead, misquote, misrepresentation, misstatement, mockery, myth, outward show, overstatement, pass for, pass off as, perfidy, perjury, perversion, Pharisaism, phony, pose, pretend, pull one’s leg, put up a front, quackery, reality augmentation, render lip service, shallowness, sham, simulation, so-called, spin, story, stretch, subterfuge, superficiality, swear falsely, swindle, tamper with, terminological inexactitude, treachery, trickery, trifle with, trump up, twist, two-faced, underhandedness, untruth, varnish, warp, weasel, white lie, whopper, yarn…

These are the first few expressions that came to our minds in order to avoid using the words, lie, lied, lying and liar, when it involves ourselves.