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Concept, choreography and scenography: Francesco Scavetta
Music and live electronics: Luigi Ceccarelli. Created in collaboration with the dancers: Gry Kipperberg, Sissel Bjørkli, Sittibancha Bamphen, Christine Kjellberg
and the musician: Diego Conti (electric violin).
Light design: Stefano Stacchini. Costume design: Birgitte Lie. Photo: Lauri Kulpsoo, Wee. Producer: Gry Kipperberg. Produced by: Wee. co-produced by: Dansens Hus-National Scene for Dance/Norway, Edison Studio. In collaboration with: Eclectica 2005 (Estonia), CODA Festival/Oslo, Zo centro culture contemporanee/Catania, Teatro Comunale di Cagli/ Teatro Petrella di Longiano.
With financial support by: Arts Council Norway, Fond for lyd og bilde, Found for performing artists, The Italian Institute of Culture Norway

“Hey dude, let’s stick around a bit longer this time” leaves a strange sensation. An atmosphere of end of the summer, when the holidays are over and it’s time to go home_
The piece takes shape in a natural landscape, a sort of sandy beach.
It’s narrative structure mixes references from movies, sitcoms, news and videogames, while the physical language comes from a research on a fluid and disarticulated movement, that includes the daily gesture.

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“Hey dude, let’s stick around a bit longer this time” is a blend of movement, text and live electro-acoustic music, that creates empathy and twists expectations, by deconstructing narrative and physical language. With this performance, Wee starts a new cycle of investigations on consciousness, by focusing on how different levels of communication sink in our own perception. Conscious awareness is only a tip of a mental iceberg.

“Hey dude”, brings forward the collaboration between choreographer Francesco Scavetta and the well known Italian composer Luigi Ceccarelli, that started with the performance “Live*” commissioned by the Biennale di Venezia.The music for “Hey dude” has as a basic element the digital elaboration of an electric violin, played live by Diego Conti. The violin becomes a multiform generator of sonorities, archaic and electronic at the same time. The sound coming from the scene and from the videos, naturals or synthetics, are also elaborated by the computer and proposed as filtrated by the perception of the characters.