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Francesco Scavetta/Luigi Ceccarelli.
Concept/choreography/dancer: Francesco Scavetta.
Music/live electronics: Luigi Ceccarelli. Live clarinets: Paolo Ravaglia. Video: Tone Myskja, Francesco Scavetta, Gianpaolo Rampini.
Live video mixing: Giampaolo Rampini/Tone Myskja. Light design: Ruth-Marie Bottheim/Stefano Stacchini. Objects: Johannes Dimpflmeier. Production leader: Gry Kipperberg. Stage assistance: Gry Kipperberg.
Produced by: Wee and Edison Studio.
With the support of: Arts Council Norway, Fund for performing artists, Fund for sound and picture, Norwegian Foreign Affairs, Progetto Sonora/CEMAT and the Italian Institutes of Culture in Oslo, Vancouver, Beirut and S. Petersburg. Co-production: Biennale di Venezia and Teatro Massimo of Palermo (I). In collaboration with : Corte Ospitale of Rubiera/Teatro Herberia (I), Teatro Comunale of Cesenatico (I), Teatro Comunale of Cagli (I) and BIT-Teatergarasjen/Bergen (N)

Developed from an analysis on vision and illusion, everyday life and unreality, artificiality and distortion, the performance takes place in a visual and acoustic environment where reality and its electronic/virtual reproduction, are never well outlined; where vision and sound perceptions are constantly questioned, as if a short circuit in the transmission of the images would project a complex being, made of an inextricable mixture of reality and thought, hallucination and memory, as an ever new fluxus of interferences.

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The performance live* owes its origin to the collaboration between the choreographer and dancer Francesco Scavetta, the composer Luigi Ceccarelli and the visual artist Tone Myskja. They collaborated on creating the piece within the project “New works for the Biennale of Venice – Department of dance and music 2001”. Commissioned by Carolyn Carlson, director, at that time, of the Dance department at La Biennale di Venezia, the performance had as a starting point the theme: “Virtual time, real time”.

Presented in Venice, for the Biennale 2001, at the Fondamenta Nuove Theatre, as a 30’ solo piece, live* had its premiere, as a full length performance, at Teatro Comunale of Cagli in 2002. Later on, it has been presented in tour in: Italy, Norway, France, Venezuela, Mexico, Estonia, Republic of San Marino, Canada, Austria, Lebanon and Russia.

In May 2003, live* won the first price at 30° Edition of the International Competition for Electro-acoustic Music of Bourges (France).