Daddy 4

Choreography: Francesco Scavetta
original music: Bjorn Klakegg and Daniel Bacalov played live by: Bjorn Klakegg/Olav Torget
dancers: Anna Paola Bacalov, Gry Kipperberg, Gry Bech-Hanssen, Francesco Scavetta
scenography: Lars Ramberg, Francesco Scavetta costumes: Kathrine Tolo light design: Jean Vincent Kerebel sound: Morten Pettersen
photos: Lars Ramberg, Alessandro Botticelli design: Thomas Knustad
production: Imago/ Lise Eger with the support of the Norwegian Art Council, Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Oslo Kommune and the Italian Institute of Culture in Oslo distribution: Wee – Scavetta/Kipperberg

The audience is involved in an imaginary world where you can find physical dance and little acts, like in a kind of family circus, like in the continuous and a bit dreamy dimension of a child’s game, but marking it with a touch of light smoothness and moments of refined invention.

A world full of humorous surprise in an atmosphere that recalls images of an old black and white movie we found in the loft

Daddy 4 Daddy gry Daddy 7 Daddy 3 Daddy 5 Daddy 8
. Looking for the right words and being surprised at what I say.

This performance talks about memories, including the memories we have never had, the lies we have repeated so many times that, in the end, we believe they really happened .

. In Japan, at the end of the performances, while applauding, the audience often scream a word that we westerners naturally associate with our: “Bravo!”. Translating it, it means: “You are very tired”.

To be vulnerable, to find a sort of innocence…

. Charlot is travelling on a boat. The sea is very rough. All the passengers are sick, many of them are throwing up .
Charlot is with his back to the camera, and he is bending over the balustrade, shaking. Everything makes us believe that he too is throwing up [evt. that he is also throwing up].
But when he turns, we discover that he was fishing and he has caught a small fish.

Only a little trick.

. To tell a story as if I were taking it by the tail is for me a pursuit without hurry.
In the end, man is a storyteller.

Today is the day for surprises.